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  MPT Interim Research Update 3/10/2020  


The Missing Piece of the Investment Puzzle.
Today, as a Portfolio Manager, it is not enough to know where an Industry stands on the basis of its Balance Sheet or Income Statement. Analyst opinions, as well as Dividend Discount, and Cash Flow models tell an incomplete story of the prospects for an Industry.

Do you Know What Time it is in Your Favorite Industry?
To fill out the picture one needs to know where an industry stands in terms of the Behavioral Market Clock. For MPT, this "clock" engages and integrates 4 important behavioral models: Insider, Analyst, Technical, and Style. Together they form a risk control check on the Fundamental side of the investment equation.

Seeing is Believing and Aggregation Provides the Statistical Confirmation
It is also not enough to have access to raw data in these areas. One must be able to "see" these data in a modeled form, of robust and tested construction, in order that actionability becomes more meaningful. The "vision" must include industry-relative as well as industry self-relative modeled outcomes. This is even more important at the Industry level where aggregation of company data on Insider, Analyst, Technical and Style behavior can lead to better top-down decision-making.

Market Profile Theorems has been providing a consistently modeled, integrated behavioral approach to Industry selection to Portfolio Managers in these important areas for over 17-years.

Should I Over-weight or Under-weight an Industry?
  • In the Industry section of the MPT Workbook you will be able to quickly, and efficiently determine:
  • Which Industries are emerging as early favorites in the behavioral matrix using our unique Probability Plot visualization technique?
  • In which Industries does Insider behavior diverge from Analyst behavior?
  • What is the relationship of Market Pricing Behavior, (Technical Strength), to Insider or Analyst outlooks for the Industry?
  • What are the important behavioral drivers supporting (or working against) an Industry weighting?
Investment Professionals owe it to themselves, and more importantly their clients, to avail themselves of all of the important tools to manage accounts successfully. The behavioral models for U.S. Industries, constructed and provided in real-time over the past 17-years by MPT, provides the missing link absent from Fundamental Analysis. Contact us for more information on a test drive. It will be well-worth the time spent, and may well be the best investment of your day.
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The data contained in this report were taken from statistical services, reports in our possession, and from other sources. The opinions and estimates expressed are our own, and we make no representation either as to the accuracy or as to the existence of other facts or interpretations which might be significant. The information herein was gathered from responsible sources but we cannot guarantee its accuracy or completeness. We may from time to time have a position in the securities described in this report and may buy or sell such securities.