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  MPT Interim Research Update 3/10/2020  


2012-02-072011 Top Performers (45.3KB)
2011-08-166 stocks insiders are snapping up (160.1KB)
2010-10-21Market Profile Theorems Independently Audited Performance (12.7KB)
2010-10-12Diamond Foods Execs Keep Buying As Price Grows (20.0KB)
2010-06-08Goodrich Petroleum Buys Offset Sale (21.6KB)  
2009-01-23Equity Research Performance in 2008 (21.4KB)  
2008-10-27The Stocks That Survived 1929 (33.6KB)  
2008-09-15Surprising Seller of Clean Energy Fuels Stock (19.1KB) 
2008-06-11Positive Sign for Wells Fargo (16.1KB)
2008-02-13'Buy' at PepsiAmericas
Is Really Drop in Bucket (26.5KB)
2008-02-13View from inside often is different (28.9KB)
2008-02-12Follow 2 geniuses into drug stocks (34.3KB)
2007-12-05Judging the Financial-Stock Insiders (22.3KB)

2007-05-07CEO Parks Cash in Shopping-Mall REIT (19.9KB)

2007-05-01CEO Charles Schwab Swaps Out Some Shares (34.2KB)

2007-04-02CEO Adds On to Brookfield Homes Stake (23.0KB)

2007-03-13Limber Selling by Lumber Executives (35.8KB)

2007-02-12Carlyle Changes Its Stripes (42.2KB)

2007-01-24Freeport-McMoRan Director Plays Copper (20.7KB)

2006-12-25Bear Necessities (20.3KB)
2006-11-27Crocs Insiders Scale Down Holdings (68.7KB)
2006-11-20Double Buys at Helix Energy (69.8KB)
2006-11-13ConEd Insiders Discharge Shares (65.9KB)
2006-11-03Director Advances Advanced Micro Stake (68.1KB)
2006-11-01Banking REIT Chief Buys In (68.1KB)
2006-10-19Fund Pumps Up Stake in Gas Producer (70.4KB)
2006-10-18Inside Track:At Cantel Medical,Insider Buying Reverses a Trend (81.7KB)
2006-10-10Buffett Sees Value in Beaten-Down USG (65.7KB)
2006-10-06ConAgra Tasty To Insiders Even at Highs (68.8KB)
2006-10-05Insiders at Herman Miller Are Selling (65.4KB)
2006-10-02Insider Sentiment Mixed at FedEx (65.4KB)
2006-09-25Sales Draw Interest to Drew Industries (65.0KB)
2006-09-06Starwood Hotels Chairman Registers Buys (73.0KB)
2006-08-30Insiders buy stock in Pep Boys (81.9KB)
2006-08-28Ameristar Casinos Head Game for More Stock (70.5KB)
2006-08-15Director Spurs Texas Bank With Stock Buy (72.3KB)
2006-08-07Anheuser-Busch Not Pitcher Perfect (69.2KB)
2006-08-04Caterpillar Director Loads Up the Truck (71.1KB)
2006-08-01Altria CEO Lightens Up on Holdings (70.9KB)
2006-07-13Fund Buys Shaw Groups Hammered Shares (95.3KB)
2006-07-11Cooper Cos Gains Buyers After Sales (70.8KB)
2006-07-10Cooling Off on Kohl\'s (91.0KB)
2006-07-05American Eagle Sellers Flock Together (83.7KB)
2006-05-12Steven Madden Execs Step Up Selling (98.7KB)
2006-05-02St. Jude Insiders Show Faith in Stock (79.7KB)
2006-03-28Loading the Cart With ConAgra Shares (119.0KB)
2006-03-15Large Stocks Are in Charge (68.8KB)
2005-10-31Insider Preps for Caterpillars Flight (91.6KB)
2005-09-28Small Pharma Insiders Make Big Buys (74.3KB)
2005-09-26Insiders Hitch a Ride With Fleetwood (83.7KB)
2005-09-25The Analysts vs. the Insiders (73.4KB)
2005-09-02Execs Propping Up Thornburg Mortgage (139.0KB)
2005-08-28Insiders looking outside for hints on investing. (43.9KB)
2005-08-24Estee Lauder Exec Sells Blemished Stock (137.7KB)
2005-08-22Cisco CEO Slowly Building Stake (62.0KB)
2005-08-17Coach Executives Unload Shares (139.3KB)
2005-08-15Timkens Outgoing Chairman Boots Sales (49.9KB)
2005-07-18Energy Insider Turn Bearish (50.8KB)
2005-06-17Tech Insiders Buy Short-Circuited Shares (67.4KB)
2005-05-05Insiders Betting on Hayes Lemmerz (69.9KB)
2005-05-04Sam Zell Buys More Rewards Network (56.9KB)
2005-03-30Insiders at 2 Sporting-Goods Firms Buy Shares (285.7KB)
2005-03-24The Inside Scoop (89.4KB)
2005-03-14New York Times article on IMAX (94.0KB)
2005-01-02Insider trading sends mixed-up signals (54.0KB)
2004-12-29Selling Heats Up For Martha Stewart (43.6KB)
2004-12-27What the Fearless Forecasters See (251.6KB)
2004-12-1510 banks to bet against--and 10 to buy (188.9KB)
2004-12-08Even at Markdown, Freds Insiders are selling (231.2KB)
2004-11-17Taser Sales Reflect Diversification, Says, Chairman (201.3KB)
2004-10-18Signals say its time to sell stocks (126.5KB)
2004-09-07SEC Looks at How Insiders Use Exchange Funds (508.7KB)
2004-08-13Next stop, Dow 8,800 (204.9KB)
2004-07-28Sell High, Buy Low? Not OMI. Chief Focuses on Supply Trends (329.7KB)
2004-07-27Stocks Still Steep for Insiders (119.8KB)
2004-07-14A Sign of the Times at Novell? Officers Ae Buying Shares Again. (322.7KB)
2004-07-09Early reports of disappointing earnings bring down stocks (94.9KB)
2004-07-07File error. Please click here to email us.
2004-05-04At Power-One \"Who\" Revealed More Insight Than \\\"How Much\\\" (280.5KB)
2004-04-287 out-of-favor stocks insiders are buying (219.2KB)
2004-03-31Tenet CEO Fetter Shows Unfettered Confidence (263.7KB)
2004-03-24Allegheny Energy CEO Plugs Into Firm's Stock (210.6KB)
2003-12-22File error. Please click here to email us.
2003-12-10Warning: Analysts Are Still Bullish (506.8KB)
2003-12-02Franklin Resources' Insider Moves Turn Bearish (104.1KB)
2003-11-05Profits regaining market influence (105.1KB)
2003-11-05Isiders' Bearish Sentiment Hits Record Level Despite Stock Gains (306.0KB)
2003-09-29Look Out Below? (609.8KB)
2003-09-15"Do Insiders Know 'Something' Or Are They Just Profit Taking?" (586.7KB)
2003-09-10Insider Sales Swamp Purchases In Face of Stock Market's Advance (242.4KB)
2003-09-07Insider's advice--Sell tech stocks (133.8KB)
2003-09-03Insiders are bailing on Home-Builder stocks (182.2KB)
2003-08-28Falling for the leader of the pack (107.2KB)
2003-08-24Bear-Market sign: Insider sell-rate near record levels (114.1KB)
2003-07-13Insiders' Pace of Stock Sale causing some worry. (111.5KB)
2003-07-13Lack of Insider Stock purchases sends a Warning to the Market. (263.5KB)
2003-05-21Insider Sentiment Heads for the Hills (479.7KB)
2003-05-20Insiders are increasingly Hamstrung (104.1KB)
2003-05-20Dandelion Day for stocks, bonds (105.9KB)
2003-05-14Providian Insiders Build Record Of Well-Timed Stock Purchases (218.2KB)
2003-05-13Bears sink teeth into stocks (161.4KB)
2003-05-12Insiders' stock-selling spree ominous (97.7KB)
2003-04-25April Rally stalls as chips, tobacco take heat (152.2KB)
2003-04-16Paxar Insiders Buy Before, After News (228.1KB)
2003-04-09Insiders Find Chiquita Stock Appealing (174.4KB)
2003-04-01Retailer's Insider Buys Lack Heft Needed to Be Big Signal (43.6KB)
2003-03-14Bulls And Bears Fight To The Finish (137.3KB)
2003-03-12Bullish At Province Healthcare (267.2KB)
2003-03-05Max Re Executives Buy More Shares (116.8KB)
2003-03-03Leveling The Playing Field, (87.8KB)
2003-02-25Technology stocks look tempting to many investors... (291.4KB)
2003-02-21As War Looms, Tech Booms (94.6KB)
2003-02-16Higher Dividends Help Curb Insider Trading, Industry Study Shows. (97.7KB)
2003-02-05Harley Transactions Puzzle Observer (278.7KB)
2003-01-24File error. Please click here to email us.
2003-01-17First-ever Microsoft dividend well-timed (82.9KB)
2003-01-08Honestly: when Disloyalty is Good (300.0KB)
2002-12-18No Golden Egg for Stocks (134.3KB)
2002-12-18Mapics Insiders Buy Shares Following Deal (277.1KB)
2002-12-11Insider View Worsens, Though All Isn't Bleak (256.2KB)
2002-12-09Following The Money (122.4KB)
2002-12-04JDS Board Buys Stock; Some See Mixed Signals (224.0KB)
2002-11-27Research For Individuals Can Cost A Bundle (138.8KB)
2002-11-27Fleming Buyers Make Bold Statement (163.7KB)
2002-11-26Executives' Recent Moves Signal Intense Bullishness Or Bad Timing (47.1KB)
2002-11-13Stock Picks The Pros Stock strategies see upside to companies in the drug, defense and semiconductor sectors. (111.9KB)
2002-11-12Insiders\' Cluster Buying At Hilb Rogal Is A Signal (46.7KB)
2002-11-09Insider Buying Trends Show 'Cautious Optimism' (48.2KB)
2002-11-08The Value Of Independent Research (50.6KB)
2002-11-06SuperModels 17stocks You Can Snag With The Insiders (157.1KB)
2002-11-04The Best 5 Independent Research Firms (166.1KB)
2002-10-22File error. Please click here to email us.
2002-10-15File error. Please click here to email us.
2002-10-15Eventually, the glass will be half-full (80.7KB)
2002-10-15CFA INSIDE INFO: Solectron Buyers Begin To reverse Trend (205.6KB)
2002-10-15A Few Insiders Saw Value Before the Rally (109.1KB)
2002-10-14A Chinese Wall -- or Several Fences? (160.1KB)
2002-10-14Five More Reasons to Buy (100.3KB)
2002-10-07Anxiety Trips Up A Recovery On (101.9KB)
2002-09-30What Are Insiders Buying Now? (106.9KB)
2002-09-17Chipmaker Insiders Are Snapping Up Stock (373.2KB)
2002-09-06File error. Please click here to email us.
2002-09-03What Insider Buying Says About Struggling Firms (299.9KB)
2002-09-02If Insider Know Best Get Rrready To Rumble (446.7KB)
2002-08-25Close-up On Insider Trading (112.8KB)
2002-08-23Insider Buying Surge Positive Sign (79.5KB)
2002-08-21A Good Sign: Insiders Buying More Shares (132.3KB)
2002-08-15Analysts See Signs Bear Easing Its Grip (394.9KB)
2002-08-13Insiders Nibble At Tech Stocks (114.9KB)
2002-07-31Tech Insiders Are Buying; Should You Follow? (146.8KB)
2002-07-08Treasury And Insiders Are Turned On By Tech (148.9KB)
2002-07-05Insider Flashes Buy On Tech (101.9KB)
2002-06-04Independent Researchers Show Strength (84.0KB)
2002-05-23Golden Stock Saw Heavy Trading (97.2KB)
2002-01-19Enron Chairman Urged Employees To Buy Stock (102.1KB)
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