Saturday, October 20, 2018
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MPT Newsroom

WEEKLY RESEARCH: Weekly Insider Data and Commentary files were last updated on Sunday, October 14th 2018, with data as of the Friday, October 12th 28th SEC closeout. Please review your Commentary File for particulars. The Insider portion of the Workbook section of the Website was populated with new weekly data and e-mail versions were distributed as well. (Data for all companies, and broad strategy commentary highlights) The Insider Commentary file of the past weekend includes an updated, thumbnail Strategic view of the Markets from the top-down perspective of all models. MPT Top Down View turns modestly Bullish ("+1").  On a price performance basis, at the ETF Sector level, Utilities, and Consumer Staples did best.  Materials, and Industrials lagged.  The Markets cannot be viewed as a singular snapshot, but are instead a dynamic, moving picture. Employing MPT research to follow and anticipate the most probable trend features and changes is an important aspect of the research.

MONTHLY RESEARCH: The October, 2018 edition of Market Profile Theorems was run based on the data close-out of Friday, September 28th, 2018. Your specific monthly data files were pushed to you on Sunday, September 30th, 2018.  WEB site data (Workbook section) were available on Sunday, before 11:00 PM, and include refreshed Probability Plots, Screening features, and Files located in the monthly File Download section of the Web-site. The Strategy notebook should have arrived on Friday, October 5th. If you did not receive your files, or the notebook by the dates indicated, please contact us.  Reach us by e-mail or call 206-890-6789 if you wish to schedule a conference call in October.

GENERAL COMMENTARY: The October asset allocation projection carries no Capitalization or Value/Growth preference.  MPT bottom-up model performance, relative to the S&P 500, was poor over the September period.  The aggregate top-down model flips to slightly Bullish at "+1" this week, and the Technical model is higher, and clearly Bullish at "+3".  The tenor of the Top-down Earnings Model (+4.38) weakened again, but remains Neutral at the moment.  GDPNOW Q3, 2018 estimate rose to 4.2%.  (4% looks like a magic attractor) The final Commerce Department Q2 estimate at 4.2%.  Yields came in, and spreads did as well. (To 30 bp 2 to 10 year).  We anticipate higher rates yet ahead for 2018.  Trouble has arisen with the 10yr approaching 3.3%.  While some P/E compression has taken place in 2018, high valuations continue present for equities.  See the weekly Insider Commentaries, and the monthly Strategist, (Green Book) for further details and interpretation.  The Dollar (94.91) appears to have stabilized, but is having difficulty breaking much higher.  Gold launched to close above basing resistance at 1222.00.  The base appears substantial, prices remain oversold on the weeklies, and the metal should rally nicely into year-end.  It is a long-term buy, but our year-end target remains reduced to $1410 (down from 1550.)  Inflationary Forces pulled back a bit, with CPI at 2.7%, and PPI at 2.9%, however a recent GDPNOW "sticky" Inflation number up-ticked strongly to 2.7%.

The Market Cycle, in terms of MPT's "Market Clock," remains at 11:00.

Top-Down Look Back: Equity selection for the trailing 24 Months has been good.  A longer, 79 month, look-back confirms bottom-up performance, with all but 1 of the 8 screens outperforming the S&P 500 over that period.

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